The Small Business Formula for Successful Blogging

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The web is an ever-increasing noisy place.


Blogging alone has expanding at an astonishing rate with over 2.73 million blog posts now published every day according to Quora


As an entrepreneur or small business owner without a large marketing department or budget to match, can you really cut through the noise and win business online?

Yes, I believe you can.


This week I was teaching a vibrant group of business owners on how to successfully create a business blog.


Whilst we brainstormed what blog topics they could write about, they openly shared their expertise, experiences and their purpose for doing what they do. I felt privileged to be involved in the planning process. Why privileged? Because each business owner was passionate about their business and had valuable information that their target audience would love to hear about.


They also demonstrated qualities that make up the formula to blogging success.


So what’s the formula?


As an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner you understand the importance of building relationships to grow your business.


Blogging is a process of building a relationship with your reader, converting them into a loyal fan who will refer you to others, and will purchase your goods or services.


Play to your small business strengths by considering the these simple tactics:


Use stories to communicate your Purpose


People love to hear stories. Stories help to communicate your business message and purpose. We make decisions based on the emotional impact from hearing other people’s stories. We form opinions about whether the storyteller has the same values and common interests. This helps to create more personal bonds and trust which can ultimately lead to building long lasting relationships.


Action: Tell great stories in your blog posts to convey your business message and purpose.


Inject Passion


The energy carried by passion is contagious, uplifting and inspiring. Injecting passion into your business blog though words, video and images will have a positive impact on your reader. It will inspire and encourage them to take action.


Action: Write your blog posts with passion and you’ll soon begin to create a community of fans who will engage and respond to your posts.


Be yourself

Show the real you and use this to your advantage.

I’m British and grew up in the North of England. I’m aware that British people in Southern England remember me for my accent, and this is even more evident when I visit the USA.

I embrace this difference.

Our cultural background and experience forms part of who we are, it sets us apart, and is one example of how you can differentiate your blog content.

Remember that no one in the world is the same as you, you are unique.


Action: Show people who you or your team are, let them see your personality through your blogs as this will help you to stand out from others and add further value.




Blogging for business is a fantastic medium for demonstrating your expertise and catapulting your reach on a global scale.


Small business owners can play on an equal footing to the large corporations by focusing on building and nurturing their own community and fan base.


They can achieve this by following this formula:




What next?


What’s your success formula for business blogging? I’d love to hear your comments below.

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